Why Is The Address Not Complete For This Property?

As the population of Central Texas increases, the demand for rural, unimproved land tracts increases also. You might be renting and want to locate the perfect site on which to build your dream home, or you want a tract for recreational purposes, or maybe you are planning ahead and want to buy land on which to build your retirement home in the future. Regardless of your motivation for wanting to buy, today’s fast-paced real estate market makes it imperative that you act quickly. You search the web and find what looks like the perfect property, but WOW, the street address is not complete and you need to know its exact location due to considerations such as distance from schools, shopping, work, and doctors. Finding such a property on a map can be confusing and frustrating if you work alone. Your real estate agent, however, has the resources to locate and get additional information on those hard-to-find rural tracts. If you think the location is a good one, you can move quickly in having your agent show the property to you and help you place an offer if you like the tract. Remember, great properties do not last long in today’s market.

You may wonder why a particular property does not have a complete address. In many cases counties may require that a physical entrance, such as a driveway or gate, be established before an address is issued. Requirements may vary from county to county. If you purchase a property that does not have an address before the sale is complete, then you will need to work with the appropriate county office to establish an address after closing, especially when you are ready to build. Contacts at Hays and Blanco Counties who can help you obtain an address are as follows:

Blanco County – Kathy Strickland at Blanco County Judge’s office, 830-868-4266

Hays County – Kathrine Weiss or Alicia Campos at Hays County Mapping & GIS, 512-393-2160

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