Selling Your Land, Lot or Ranch

Rose Real Estate is available to represent you in selling your land, small acreage, farm or ranch. We have been helping sellers in Austin and the Texas Hill Country for over thirty five years and would love to win your business and help you efficiently and effectively sell your property.  Please visit our Listing with Rose Real Estate page to understand more about our listing philosophy, or Contact Us today for a consultation.

Following are some considerations in selling your property:


  1. Pricing and Preparing Your Property for Marketing

Rose Real Estate understands that it is crucial to price your property appropriately when it is placed on the market.  One way that your listing agent can assist you with pricing is to provide relevant data through a comparative market analysis (CMA).  A CMA is not an appraisal but provides data on active, pending and sold comparable properties in the area and will examine market inventory, overall demand and average days on the market. This analysis will help determine the most probable sales price for your property.  A careful examination is made of the property to clearly understand all that it has to offer and to make suggestions to you concerning improvements or repairs that you can make to help your property sell more quickly and for a higher price. Your listing agent will help you consider other questions that affect value and marketing: Do you have a current survey?  Are there any easement affecting your property? Do you have a wildlife or agricultural tax exemption? What is the condition of the fencing, if any, on your property? Are there any improvements? If there is a well or septic on the property, do you have installer’s information and any repair receipts?  Are there any leases on the property? How much negotiating room in the list price is appropriate for the current market?  Are there title issues that you need to resolve? Are there any special incentives that you would like to offer to a buyer?  Your agent will discuss the suggested list price, the expected sales price, expected time on the market and will present you with an estimate of your closing expenses.

  1. Listing & Marketing

Part of your initial consultation with Rose Real Estate will focus on your needs and requirements, and our ability to tailor our marketing to fit that profile.  Our agents are active members of at least one multiple listing service (MLS) – so listing your property will immediately reach the agents and brokers who can bring credible buyers to the table. Through the multiple listing services those listings are syndicated across a variety of publicly available listing sites like Trulia and Zillow making sure that your property is marketed directly to consumers as well.  In selling acreage, farm and ranch properties we network extensively within organizations like the Texas Alliance of Land Brokers and the MLS which syndicate across a variety of publicly available listing sites.  More broadly speaking, Rose Real Estate leverages other modern marketing vehicles across the web (social platforms, email marketing, online ads) and traditional marketing offline (print and brochures) to ensure your property is seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

Work with us today to tailor a marketing plan that fits your goal!

  1. Showing Your Property

Your listing agent will work with you in developing a plan to show your property which is comfortable for you. On ranch land there are sometimes considerations such as livestock on the property and locked gates. Your listing agent will work with you in addressing any concerns that you might have.

  1. Negotiations & Offer to Contract Phase

There is a lot more to negotiating offers than the sales price.  Your listing agent will consult with you concerning the details of each offer received on your property.  There are matters such as: verifying the buyer’s financial ability to purchase, negotiating repairs requested by the buyer, negotiating who is to pay for a survey if needed, negotiating any requests by the buyer to pay some of buyer’s closing costs and making sure seller’s disclosures are delivered to the buyer and signed by all parties. In addition, in the Central Texas real estate market, there can be multiple offers received on a property and if negotiated properly can be used to the seller’s advantage.  Your listing agent will be there to assist you in dealing appropriately with these aspects and requirements of selling and will help you leverage all the potential benefits.

  1. Preparing for Closing

Once your property is under contract, it is placed in escrow usually with a local title company.  Your Rose Real Estate agent will assist you in negotiating any amendments proposed by the buyer, examining any inspection reports, reviewing and understanding the HUD (settlement statement) and making other final preparations for closing.

Rose Real Estate uses only the highest ethical standards in selling your property.

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