We understand the need for many buyers to use financing to obtain their home or property.  Fortunately, there are many options for quality lenders and brokers who serve Austin and the Texas Hill Country.  The important first step for anyone is to understand the different types of loan products available, and their appropriate uses.  While many buyers will be familiar with the general terms of a 30 year conventional mortgage on a new home, some are less familiar with what to expect when financing the purchase of raw land or a ranch.

Rose Real Estate recommends you seek consultation directly with the professionals who do this for a living.  Below is a short list of past client recommendations if you are looking for some guidance to start the process.

Mortgage Brokers:

1st Quest Mortgage

Premier Residential Mortgage


Land & Land/Home Lenders:

Crockett National Bank

Capital Farm Credit

Blanco National Bank

Broadway Bank

Lone Star Capital Bank

Pioneer Bank

Security State Bank and Trust

Rose Real Estate does not profit in any way from our relationships with these lenders and mortgage brokers.  We’ve compiled this short list based on recommendations of past clients, to help buyers who are looking for initial guidance and direction.  We are happy to work with any accredited lender that our clients bring to the transaction.


Mortgage Calculator




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